Natural factors of Vitamins

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get all the vitamins you need from your food? However, that isn't likely to happen. Even if you only eat organic food, you probably still will not get enough of the required vitamins and minerals your body craves.

Is your diet providing you with all the vitamins you need?

To keep yourself as fit as possible you require proper nutrition. However, you perhaps slip up and eat food that is not that healthy at times. You may have had your share of fast food and junk food. You may have skipped meals and had unwholesome meals in your menu more often than not. It is clear that these foods don't contain enough of the vitamins and minerals you need. Which is why you should consider taking supplements.

Given a choice will you take natural or synthetic vitamins and minerals?

You may perhaps be wondering if there are differences between the two kinds of supplements. Yes, there are, but understanding what those differences are may cause some confusion.

Experts in the medical community claim that natural vitamins obtained from food are superior to lab-grown synthetic versions, which is true. Natural vitamins are often better than synthetic ones since the entire vitamin is not produced during the process of creating it in the laboratory.

To be as effective, the synthetic vitamin's molecule has to be equivalent to a natural vitamin's molecule. For instance, one of the components in Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Laboratories are able to synthesize ascorbic acid and offer it as a source for vitamin C. But there is a problem: Ascorbic acid is only one element among many contained in natural vitamin C. That makes the synthetic version a lot inferior to the natural one.

Laboratory workers obtain ascorbic acid by taking it from glucose obtained from corn. Because the source of this synthetic vitamin C is corn, vitamin manufacturers assert that their synthetic vitamin is natural. This can be somewhat misleading because the synthetic vitamin C cannot really replace the natural vitamin C. The synthetic vitamin C offers only a small portion of what the full vitamin C compound offers.

Also, natural vitamin C may be far more effective than synthetic vitamin C even though the synthetic vitamin C appears on the label to have more potency in terms of milligrams or micrograms. According to studies, synthetic vitamins do not appear to be as efficient as natural vitamins. A number of studies examining the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins have shown that natural vitamins are superior.

Should you consider synthetic vitamins?

Supporters of natural vitamins feel that synthetic vitamins can cause the body to try and make up for what it is missing. The body can react to synthetic vitamins in a similar way as symptoms resulting from taking certain types of drugs.

However, it is better to take the synthetic version than no vitamins at all since they do provide a resource for much-needed vitamins. Also, there are times when the natural and synthetic supplements are nearly identical based on the ingredients listed on their labels. In that case, the less expensive synthetic version may be considered.

Pay close attention to the ingredients to determine the true product value

When shopping for natural vitamins take the time to investigate. Look carefully at the list of ingredients on the bottles of both the natural vitamins and also the synthetic ones. By paying close attention, you will be able to make wiser decisions when you choose health-enhancing supplements for yourself and your family.

Natural vitamin supplements are generally beneficial, but there are also some rare instances when they become hazardous to your health. You need to exercise caution when taking natural vitamin supplement by considering some important factors.

What you must do while considering natural factors of vitamins

Consider your overall health. If you are not the type to visit your doctor and have a general checkup, try to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses because this will point you in the direction of specific vitamins you need regular dosages for and which ones you need extra doses of.

Select multivitamins over natural vitamin supplements that contain specific vitamins only. Multivitamins will ensure that you get a healthy dosage of all essential vitamins and also important minerals. It also assists you to maintain a routine more easily because you only need one tablet a day for multiple vitamins.

Practice caution when choosing which natural vitamin supplements to take. Try to check out consumer and professional reviews regarding the product.

Consider your budget when choosing which natural vitamin supplements to take because this can be a lifelong routine and will become a permanent part of your budget. Make sure you purchase only what you can afford to take regularly without crippling your finances. You could also check with your insurance company if they have any advice and discounts to offer.

Refrain from buying any natural vitamin supplement that is not approved and licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Unlicensed drugs may have serious side effects that could endanger your life.

Avoid buying any natural vitamin supplements from illegitimate vendors. Though you know the seller personally, it is still better to buy from a legitimate pharmacy.

Always check the expiry date of your natural vitamin supplements because there are illegal drugstores which continue to sell expired medication to the public. Consuming vitamin supplements past their expiry dates can lead to a number of health complications.

Take natural vitamin supplements at proper time intervals. It is possible for their benefits and effects to be enhanced if you take them at the right time. All you need to do is to set the alarm on your watch to a particular hour every day.

While natural factors of vitamins can contribute to your general well being, a few good habits can greatly assist in enhancing the benefits of natural health supplements. Get into the habit of eating healthy food. Exercise regularly. A daily workout will complement the significant benefits provided by natural vitamin supplements. While natural vitamins can certainly contribute a lot to your health, they are not magic bullets. Natural vitamin supplements will not be effective if you counter them by eating too much fried foods and sweets. So match your healthy habit with a healthy diet and reap the benefits.