Vitamin Supplements

Doctors and nutritionist know the value and importance of vitamins to a person’s health and well being. They also know that people’s lives today are hectic and stress filled. Stress, in and of itself, can cause a lack of the benefit of vitamins. One example is that being extremely busy can cause a person to take short cuts with their eating habits, such as eating convenience foods and fast foods, while neglecting the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods from each food group every day. For this reason, vitamin supplements are readily availably today in stores in every locality. These supplements are used to add to the typical vitamin intake of a person and should increase his or her health as well.

There are many reasons for a person’s nutrition to be supplemented by vitamins. There are many reasons why individuals don’t get an adequate intake of vitamins. One common area of vitamin supplement use is that of pregnant women and their developing babies. Physicians prescribe special prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. The vitamins are important for the health of the woman and the development of the baby, and insure the birth of a healthy child as well as the continued strength and health of the mother. The pregnant and lactating woman needs adequate amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid during pregnancy. Because today’s modern woman is usually on the go and doesn't get vitamins through proper diet. Unless she is extremely meticulous in caring for herself and watching what she eats, prenatal vitamins are prescribed. They are especially important in the first trimester of pregnancy, when a woman may be nauseous. Newly pregnant women may either not want to eat or may be prone to vomiting frequently due to morning sickness. Morning sickness sometimes causes an expectant mother to lose both weight and nutrition. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy can cause problems for both mother and child. For example, a folic acid deficiency can result in birth defects. A zinc deficiency can cause the baby to have immune system problems. A lack of vitamin D and calcium can cause bone problems for both mother and baby. Prenatal vitamin supplements prevent many of these problems, especially if the expectant mother is having difficulty eating in a healthy way

Vitamin supplements are also always given to infants and children. Breast milk and infant formula contain all or most of the vitamins that an infant requires. However, some vitamin deficiencies can still occur. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about giving vitamins to babies and young children, however. Babies and children who don't have the proper vitamins while they are growing up suffer the consequences in the form of various diseases. For instance, a vitamin A deficiency can results in blindness. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to Ricketts and other bone-related problems. Deficiency of vitamin K in infants can lead to excess bleeding if trauma should occur. While spinach, broccoli and cabbage are excellent sources of vitamin K, babies can’t eat these foods, and many children won’t eat these food - hence the need for a supplement. A vitamin E deficiency can result in cystic fibrosis and celiac disease. This is only a partial list of the problems children can have due to improper nutrition.

Eating properly used to be the only way of taking in the required amount of vitamins. This is why there were so many problems in pregnancy and childhood. People in days gone by didn’t have the correct types of food available to them, or didn’t have these foods available all year through. They also didn't have the Federal Drug Administration’s Recommended Daily Allowances and labelling with the percentage of the RDAs that we have available to us today. People in years past also didn't have grocery stores where they could go out and buy the kinds of foods they needed. Now we have almost any type of food available for our use year round. The best they could do was to eat as they always ate, which was what was available locally. This resulted in a lot of women and children with diseases or at least less than optimal health

Vitamin supplements didn't appear until the twentieth century. The prescription of prenatal vitamins and vitamins especially formulated for babies and children has eliminated a lot of the diseases that used to appear that were caused by vitamin deficiencies. Also, people are more aware of the importance of vitamins and proper nutrition today than they were in the past. Because of improvements in science, health related research and medicine; people are living longer and healthier lives from infancy to old age. Not only has life expectancy increased, but the quality of life and the well being of the individual has improved due to a better understanding of vitamins and vitamin supplements.