Printable Doctors Excuses May Land You in Jail

People do become ill, and doctor’s excuses are sometimes necessary in the workplace. Most people go to the doctor and get a legitimate excuse for a legitimate illness or health problem. Doctors are happy to write excuses for real illnesses, and employers are happy to accept the excuses if the illnesses are real. But, as we discussed in the previous article, there are people in the workplace that choose to use fake medical certificates or doctor’s excuses when they are not actually ill. In fact, some people on the Internet have turned people’s desire for fake medical certificates and doctor’s excuses into an, unfortunately, thriving business. Various ready-made sets of printable doctor’s excuses (templates) are available on the Internet at various sites. These sets may include dentist excuses, cardiologist excuses, doctor excuses, urologist excuses, gynaecologist excuses, dermatologist excuses, and emergency room excuses. These phoney excuses can be customized for a specific occasion, specific dates, and various illnesses, and then used for missing school and for skipping work.

For those unscrupulous characters who would be interested in fake medical excuses for work, a search of the Internet will soon find you a variety of excuses from which to choose. After making payment for such a set of printable doctor’s excuse templates, which are available at some sites online, a would-be forger can download them onto their home PC. The forger will then need to edit a copy of the one that suits your need. The fake excuse-maker then decides which illness or health problem might be the most believable to the supervisors at work or school, and put that information into the template. He or she doesn’t want to make his or her illness too unbelievable to avoid suspicion. Next, the forger should choose the duration of time he or she thinks they can get away with being absent from work without suspicion. Then the fake medical excuse can be saved and print it. Forge the signature of the doctor concerned on the printout and the phoney doctor’s excuse is ready to be sent to your school or place of work (as applicable).

The samples of printable doctor’s excuse templates can include the following contents.
______________ broke his thigh bone into two parts while he was skating in an empty swimming pool in a park over the weekend. He is in the hospital for a month and may not be able to attend work for the next 6 months.

Hopefully, a doctor’s excuse forger can come up with a much better reason to be out of work than that. If not, they may appear on the next episode of “World’s Dumbest Criminals.” Or the forger could try to avoid mentioning the illness at all and use a fake excuse such as the following.

Remember-spelling does count. Would-be forgers should look up the proper spelling of their disease and symptoms if they want to be credible. Spelling the doctor’s name correctly is also important to a believable fake doctor’s excuse.

______________ was under my care on _______. He/she will be able to return to work on ___________. Doctor's comments: _________________________.

Printable doctor’s excuses (templates) have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include convenience and the appearance of authority. Printable Internet doctor’s excuses, if used with care, can look quite official. The simpler the forger keeps the forged document, the more believable it may be. The disadvantages include the requirement of the document being customized. The forger will have to be believable, and may not have enough medical knowledge to get away with the forgery. Further, if you make an editing error and write something foolish while filling in the blanks, there are chances of your being easily caught.

Use of such printable doctor’s excuses is both legally and morally wrong. If the printable doctor's excuse that you submit to your office is found to be unreal, you will be liable to lose your job. You will face not only unemployment but even humiliation. You can be even jailed. Are the days off really worth it? Is trying to fool the boss worth the thrill? Think twice before you decide to be creative with a phoney medical certificate.

Even if you submit the argument that you got tempted because of the content you saw on a web site, you will not be spared from legal or moral ramifications of using a forged medical certificate. The web site can easily get away with the usual argument that they make such templates purely for entertainment purpose and not for use as a medical certificate.

Most people who make use of printable doctor’s excuses to submit doctor excuses are aware of the fact that most schools and organizations take a doctor excuse at face value. Therefore they take a risk and mostly tend to get away with it. If these excuses are used frequently, employers and principals are bound to become suspicious. Missing school will hurt your education, and have to be made up. Is it really worth the effort of forging the excuse? And don’t forget that forging a doctor’s excuse at work or school could get you thrown in jail. Consider the negative consequences before you decide to forge that work or school doctor’s excuse.

Therefore, instead of making the purchase of printable doctor's excuses, it is much better that you, tell the truth to the school/work authorities and request for leave of absence. Most schools and employers are good about arranging time off for employees in case of genuine illness or emergencies. You will build a trusting relationship with your boss or principal if you tell the truth. You may get leave or you may not get leave of absence, but at least you will then not face the loss of a job or humiliation or jail.