Using Printable Doctor Excuses

Some people think they need time off of work or school that they may not receive if they go through proper channels. They may be perfectly healthy, yet wan to fraudulently use sick time, or use sick time that they don’t have for extra time off. Students use this same ploy to avoid the boredom of school or that hard upcoming test. What happens if these people can’t get a doctor’s excuse from their regular family physician? In many cases, a reputable doctor will be able to determine that the person is not actually ill, and will not write a doctor’s excuse. There is an alternative to a properly attained doctor’s excuse. This alternative is the printable doctor’s excuse, which is sometimes available on the computer online.

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Many resources can be found on the Internet that can help people download different templates of doctor’s excuses for a payment in money. They are basically printable doctor’s excuses or proformas of doctor’s excuses in which the basic unchanging information inherent in any doctor’s excuse is already mentioned. Here is how a printable doctor’s excuse is created.

First, choose the printable excuse you like the best and pay for it online. After downloading the templates on your home PC, you need to customize one of them for your specific case, or create an illness or injury for yourself. You can do this using word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Through such software, you need to first open a copy of a suitable printable doctor’s excuse template in MS Word. You then need to edit the data in it to suit your specific case.

There are several types of information you will need to have ready in order to create a believable fake doctor’s excuse. You need to be ready to fill in the letter head details of the doctor. This information also may include any logo of the doctor's clinic. More information you may also need includes filling in the doctor's name and address of his or her clinic, his or her license and registration information, and the name of medical condition you want to pretend to suffer from so as to be excused from your job or school. When deciding what fake illness or injury you’d like to put on the doctor’s excuse, be sure to do enough research so that the disease you choose will be believable to your employer or school. Also, check your phoney doctor’s excuse for appropriate spelling. Misspellings would be a dead give a way to your phoney doctor’s excuse, and could cause you no end of trouble in the long run.

You also need to fill in the two relevant dates. These dates would be the date from which you want to be excused from your job or from attending school. The other date would be the date that you will be returning to school or work. Choosing a proper duration of time to be absent from your job or from school is important. If you stay out too long, your supervisor or principal may become suspicious and check up on you. Also, if you figure out how to write the successful phoney doctor’s excuse, you might want to try the ploy again at some future time. Making your doctor’s excuse believable is important for that reason, as well.

The last detail that you need to fill-in in the excuse will be the date on which the doctor's signature is made. This date is generally the date you want to present the excuse in your office through some office, school colleague, family member, or classmate.

Finally, you need to check the doctor excuse for any irrelevant information or any errors. Remove the errors and delete any irrelevant information. Now the doctor excuse is in the final printable form. So, save the file and print it. You now need to forge the doctor's signature on the printed doctor excuse. How will you choose the doctor’s name for believability? Choose carefully.

There, the doctor's excuse is now ready for submission in your office or school. Send it through a reliable office colleague, family member, or classmate. Once you submit the doctor excuse, you can rest easy from the travails that you did not want to face in your office or class. Alternatively do whatever you had planned to do in the duration for which you have submitted the doctor excuse. Unfortunately, you will need to be careful about being seen in public, or in what you might choose to do while you are “out sick.” It could be pretty embarrassing to claim a foot or leg injury and be caught on the ski slopes.

Most schools and employers take a doctor’s excuse at face value and simply file it. They then sanction you the medical leave from your job or allow you the largesse of not attending school for the duration mentioned in the doctor's excuse.

Although using printable doctor excuses is so convenient and enables you to make an authentic looking doctor excuse, it is still a crime. Forgery is still forgery, even if time off is your only reward. You will still have to go back to work eventually, and make up the work you avoided while you were gone. If you decided to skip school to avoid a test by using a fake doctor’s excuse, you will still have to take the test or make up your schoolwork when you return. If your employer or school authorities check up the facts and find the truth, remember it is curtains for you. Is it really worth the effort and expense, not to mention ruining the trust others have in you, for a couple of days off? Think twice, be honest, and use your sick time wisely and honestly to avoid finding yourself in some pretty uncomfortable or illegal situations.