What Are The Natural Factors Of Vitamins?

The problem with many synthetic vitamins is that you do not really know what you are putting in your body. Contrary to this natural vitamins have only natural ingredients.

A major reason to stick with natural vitamins is the absorption factor. The body absorbs natural vitamins more readily because it recognizes them as nutrients. The body is hard to deceive; sometimes the synthetics that are designed to fool the body are not taken in.

While considering the natural factors of vitamins, some people also adopt the practice of taking a synthetic vitamin during a meal to give better chances for being absorbed correctly. It would be much better if you just got your daily vitamin requirement from natural sources.

Getting the right nutrients – get the advice of a nutritionist

Many products on the market now that say that they are 100% natural. You can also find some food packages that also act as natural supplements. Generally supplements that are as close to nature as possible will be easier to absorb.

Many of the natural foods are very good for you and provide the nutritional requirements that your body needs such as enzymes and anti-oxidants. All these components work together to give your body the nutrients that it needs. The only way to know exactly what you will need for your body is to consult a nutritionist and have them create a regimen for you.

The sources of natural vitamins

Natural vitamin sources are ones that your body gets from fruits, plants, vegetables, animals and other natural sources. This is a very easy way for your body to process and absorb the vitamins you are looking for. However, if you do not eat a balanced diet, your body may be deprived of certain vitamins. Natural vitamin sources may not be adequate in other instances as well. For instance, you may have an intestinal problem that prevents you from properly absorbing nutrients. If this is the case you may consider supplementing with a vitamin pill to ensure you get your daily vitamin allowance.

Concentrated whole-food vitamins derived usually from plant sources - vegetables, fruits, grasses, grains, sea vegetation, roots, seeds, nuts, flowers, are natural sources of vitamins.

In capsule form, you will find a range of vitamins, including multivitamins and antioxidant formulations... the two types of vitamin supplement that are most recommended.

Liquid vitamin supplements are also popular and have proven effective. Liquid chlorophyll is an amazing energy provider. Powerfully concentrated juice blends also fall into the liquid vitamin supplements category. The acai berry juice is an excellent natural liquid supplement as is wheatgrass.

Supplements in powder form such as "super greens" drink mix contain dehydrated grasses, among other powdered foods, including kelp, algae, brown rice, chlorella, and barley. These vary quite drastically, but are all super healthy and highly recommended!

Vitamin deficiency and diseases

Natural factors of vitamins have a great influence on your health. The body needs certain vitamins and minerals that we get from certain foods every day to keep us alive and healthy. If we do not get the right amount of these vitamins and minerals we become susceptible to diseases and viruses. A lot of the foods we eat today do not contain enough of these vitamins in them because either they don't have the vitamins in them to begin with or the manufacturing process destroys the vitamins and minerals.

Most of the population today does not get enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals they need to have a healthy body. Vitamins balance the system and if the system does not get the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to operate, something is going to go wrong. When this happens, the body gets weakened and you are more likely to get the flu or other viruses that are going around. Colds, viruses, pneumonia and other ailments weaken parts of the body and lead to more serious problems.

The health factor of natural vitamins

To help ourselves stay healthy, we need to take supplemental natural vitamins and minerals to ensure that we get the daily amount needed to stay healthy. The healthy body fights off illnesses and there is a good chance that you will not get the flu or if you do it may just be a mild case. Taking daily vitamins gives you the assurance that your body is getting its daily dosage of vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

A healthy body has an immune system that will help ward off viruses and other diseases. With new flu virus strains being discovered, we need to do all we can to keep from spreading them. If taking natural vitamin every day helps keep us from getting the flu, it is well worth the few dollars the vitamins cost. These natural vitamins and minerals could save us hundreds of dollars in medical bills if we can ward off the virus.

The best way to get started on a routine to keep your body healthy and well is a well balanced natural diet that focuses on foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. The natural vitamin supplements available on the market can provide your body with all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and perform at a peak level.

For a small outlay each month, you can feel better, be more active and know that your body is not full of synthetics and stimulants. You can possibly save those trips to the doctor because when the flu comes around, you are going to be fit and healthy. Of course there are other precautions you can take too but natural vitamins and minerals will fight to keep you healthy and fit.