Doctor Excuses Do Not Help In The Long Run

Absenteeism in the workplace and at school has become a problem. Society is such that people might sometimes call in sick to work or school when in fact they are not. In order to prevent people from calling in sick when they are not, many employers require a doctor’s excuse when an employee calls in ill. Law has provided that an ill person submits a medical certificate from a doctor. In this way, genuinely ill people’s jobs are protected. Doctor’s excuses are used so that at least ill health should not delay one's education or cause one's removal from a job. Some people dupe the law by providing doctor excuses, which are simply fake medical certificates. Unfortunately, the medical conditions mentioned in the certificates are not actually suffered by the persons concerned.

Such persons are not ill. However, they do not want to either be present in class, or take a test. Another scenario is the person who calls in sick to work. They want to miss a day or more at a job, so they resort to doctor excuses. Work or school may require that one that does not allow the taking of leave from one's job responsibilities or to miss an exam or class in education. So, these slackers hide behind a doctor excuse. If they can’t get a doctor to write one, they may create a fake doctor’s excuse and try to pass it off as the genuine article at work or school.

Why do some people resort to doctor excuses? Well, this is because such people are not strong mentally. Psychologically speaking, such people want to run away from the difficulties that life poses for them. They want to run away from the situations in their life. They want to miss an exam in class because they are not prepared for it. Some others may have not done their home assignments. So, instead of being the responsible, hard-working people they should try to be, they get or create a doctor’s excuse to avoid an upcoming test or assignment. Unfortunately for the school slacker, the doctor’s excuse, whether real or homemade, only prolongs the agony of studying for and taking the test.

Alternatively, some of them want to miss a day or more at their office because they just do not feel like attending to their job responsibilities. People may be bored at work, or not find their job interesting. Others may want to do something else besides work that day and not be able to get the day off through more honest means. Sometimes, people may do this because they may have a domestic situation on their hands and they do not have sufficient casual or earned leave at their disposal. Unfortunately, instead of being honest about the situation and coming up with a genuine solution, some people get or create a doctor’s excuse staying at home.

But then again, some people do it all because they get a kick out of duping the law. It gives them vicarious pleasure. To think that they can get away with it is the primary reason they resort to doctor excuses. Making a fake doctor’s excuse may be a creative challenge or thrill that these folks just can’t resist. Too bad they don’t put their creative thought into improving their work or job situation.
Their modus operandi is to go and visit a doctor at his/her clinic and ask for a medical certificate or excuse. This situation is more likely to happen especially to a doctor, whose practice is not very good. The pretend patient tells such a doctor that they want a fake medical certificate and that they are prepared to pay a considerable sum of money for it. Also, a doctor concerned about medical malpractice suits may give a medical certificate or doctor’s excuse for a longer time if they are afraid of being sued. A good doctor, who has a good practice, will never agree to provide a fake medical certificate, but you know it takes all sorts of people to make this world. Unfortunately, some of these people, even doctors, are dishonest and will do inappropriate things for money. Some doctors agree to provide fake medical certificates for money. These unscrupulous doctors know that it will be very difficult to disprove the medical conditions mentioned in the certificates. Plus, they can make some extra money writing fake medical certifications or doctor’s excuses. What these doctors don’t realize is that they can get in serious trouble for writing doctor’s excuses when the patient is not actually ill. This type of action is actually fraud. Doctors, who are caught in the illegal business of providing fake medical certificates, may be liable to lose their license or their registration.

Some employers have their own medical board to check up on doctor excuses. This makes it very difficult for employees to get medical certificates of illness if they are not really ill. They may be able to create symptoms of an illness to get a doctor’s excuse, but they will more than likely be unsuccessful. Companies who have their own medical board to check up on doctor’s excuses may very well have a greatly reduced incidence of absenteeism in their workplace. A more productive workplace may well be worth the money and effort of a company having their own medical board to identify the fakers from those who are genuinely ill.

Such students or employees need to realize that by resorting to doctor excuses they are not being honest with themselves. They are playing with fire. They may face humiliation or even lose their job. Day’s off are available in many companies after a certain period of time. Planning ahead to take time off work is the polite and respectable thing to do at a job. And for students, studying regularly will help them avoid the test stress that may cause them to call in sick on test day when they are actually healthy. Eventually the test will have to be taken, or the assignment will have to be done, so the pupil may as well stay on task and get the unpleasant situation done.